Due to ongoing utility work, we have to reschedule your February 12 Sushi Making Workshop.


As some of you may be aware, the restaurant next door experienced a fire. Although we are thankful our space did not receive direct fire from our neighbors, there has been intermittent ongoing work in our area to ensure safety. Although all work was to be completed in time for our February 13 class and have you amongst our very first guests since the fire, we have just been informed by the utility company that they will be performing work on our shared gas-line. As the weather has recently become colder, it has become necessary to reschedule your class to ensure you and your guests will enjoy our warm and cozy space, fully.


We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We are an independent Chef-Owned small business and next to the quality and sustainability of our food, you are the most important part of our business.


During this pause in service, we used this time as an opportunity to enhance your experience by building a brand new sushi bar on our first floor to ensure that all our guests have a space that is accessible and ADA compliant. We are excited that you will be part of some of the very first customers that will get to experience our new space.


As soon as the utility company has completed the required work, we will be ready to reopen and welcome you to our exciting new space. We will be sending out a revised schedule with many more options once the utility company has completed their work and  heating has been restored.

Because we know this is a major inconvenience, we will be sending the following to your inbox for you to enjoy during your class and when we have re-opened.

  1. A Voucher For A Free Photo & Video of Your Class

  2. Free Appetizer to Enjoy During Your Class

  3. Discount Card for you to Use ALL Year



  • We have extended the date of your Groupon From April to the end of the year

  • You will receive an invite to our exclusive re-opening party

  • A new class list with many more options


We so appreciate your understanding and are so sorry. Please know our team is working our best to open as quickly as we can, but the decision is out of our hands. If there are days or times you would like to see these new classes, please let us know. We will publish a new class list once we know when we are to open again.


We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon


Thank You For Your Understanding and Happy Valentines Day,

Chef Andy, Roux, and the Entire Team at Hashi

Sunday - Friday 11:30 - 9:30
Saturday  11:00 - 11:00