Dining Room

Although there are many sushi spots, none are quite like the main dining room at Hashi Sushi.

In the winter, Hashi has a warm and inviting glow from a fireplace at one end, and a sushi bar at the other where you can watch Chef Andy Galsan and his team create handmade artisanal creations.


For summer, the entire dining room transforms as the front glass wall opens to the sidewalk and the fresh air.

Clean, modern, friendly staff, a great sound system, and an incredible and personable Chef ensure that your experience will be like no other in the neighborhood.

From our Customers


Natalie D

I had a lovely experience here! The atmosphere is nice, noticeably great music playing.


Sergio C

Checked out the new sushi place and i was blown away.


Honestly some of the highest quality fish I’ve had in Chicago and at very affordable prices. Super attentive and friendly service as well.

Sunday - Friday 11:30 - 9:30
Saturday  11:00 - 11:00